New Concept: Total Sales, Inc.

What We Do...

New Concept: Total Sales, Inc. is an independent special markets brokerage that sells products for our vendor principals. We work with manufacturers throughout the world to develop products for the needs of "Special Markets" customers. We put a special emphasis on Costco Wholesale & the dollar markets.Closing Quote

What's New?

  • New Vendor Principals

  • Better Idea Foods
    Innovative new food products: Salads, Deli, and Frozen Entrees.
  • Amki Sesame Snaps
    All natural, gluten free, and cholesterol free sesame snaps. Direct from Poland with Grade A food safety rating.
  • Almark Foods
    Hardboiled egg products. Deviled egg kits, easter eggs, peeled hardboiled eggs.
  • Cargill
    Premium horse feed designed with leading research universities to provide the healthiest horse. Ultimate mix of high quality seeds and nuts to attract and nourish a wide variety of birds.

Who are we?

New Concept: Total Sales, Inc. has offices in Southern California and Pennsylvania. We specialize in the needs of manufacturers, distributors, & retailers who require marketing and sales for their unique business models.

Corona, CA Office
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